About I Stand Quietly

88x31Please note: I Stand Quietly by Jill Finch, Dirty Naked and Happy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

And please consider a donation to the National Autistic Society – thank you:


Please feel free to use ‘I Stand Quietly’ for any non-commercial use without the need to get my express permission. Please note however that I am always interested to hear how far it has travelled and how it is being used, so do drop me an email if you get a chance.

For commercial use, please contact me.

Link to A3 PDF Poster Version

I wrote ‘I Stand Quietly’ for World Autism Awareness Week 2015 and over the following months, it spread virally across the world and incidentally raised a lot of money.

Originally this was posted on my blog. I moved it to its own site as I felt it deserved it, and I deserved it… I was writing about crass stuff and boobies and it wasn’t a great juxtaposition, it was time to separate and move on.

Some people struggle with the poem because it focusses on the negatives of autism, I agree, this is not always useful. However, it appears to have touched and helped a lot of people including autistic adults, not just parents of autistic kids, and so I hope it still does have some merit in a world where we are desperately trying to change the negative perception of autism and fight for the long-over due rights of autistic people to be viewed as different but in no way less.

Eventually we will reach a point where neuro-difference is something we celebrate, protect and hold dear; something we no longer try to cure or eradicate, but that we seek to fully support (even if not fully understand) for all of our benefit.

Beatrix is now home-educated and thriving.



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